How much does it cost?

Free. WeeklyRotation just links you to albums, however you listen to them is up to you though we suggest you buy the music if you like it!

I found a bug or have a good idea for a feature, what do I do?

If you ran into a bug or think you've got an idea for a feature you can visit the public issue list to report bugs/request features.

I don't want to show my real name, how do I change it?

You can change the name seen be other users on the site by clicking on the Profile link in the menu then Edit Profile under your picture.

How do I change my profile picture?

Weekly Rotation uses Gravatar for profile images. You can change your profile image by visiting their website. I know it seems like a hassle but really it's easier for you; lots of sites use Gravatar meaning if you want to change it everywhere it's one click.

Everyone has terrible taste, how do I create my own rotation?

All you have to do is sign in then click the My Rotations link in the header under your username.

Why 3 albums?

You can create a rotation with 3 or fewer albums. We picked 3 as as psuedo-arbitrary limit given that 3 albums is quite a lot of music to listen to and ponder over for a week. If you'd like to create a rotation with more than 3 we suggest creating multiple rotations and grouping the albums by a theme.